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Research says rooibos beats stress

first_imgScientists at Stellenbosch University have discovered that rooibos is able to reduce the production of the stress hormone called cortisol. This may help in preventing a number of lifestyle diseases.  (Image: Formore free photos, visit the image library) MEDIA CONTACTS • Prof Amanda Swart  Stellenbosch University Biochemistry Dept  +27 84 500 4869• Marina Joubert  South African Rooibos Council  +27 83 409 4254 RELATED ARTICLES • Honeybush industry set for growth • Rooibos gets a makeover • Rooibos yoghurt fights cancer • SA develops rooibos flavour wheel • Research to boost rooibos exportsShamin ChibbaRooibos is known to be a beverage that can provide relief after a hard day at work, but although well documented, its soothing effect has not yet been proven scientifically.Now, researchers from Stellenbosch University have discovered that the South African herbal tea contains compounds that can help to alleviate anxiety and stress.According to research conducted by a team from the university’s biochemistry department, there are a number of compounds present in rooibos (Afrikaans, meaning “red bush”) that interfere with the production of the stress hormone called cortisol.The team focused on two compounds, namely aspalathin, which is unique to rooibos, and nothofagin.Both compounds contribute to the stress-lowering effect tea drinkers usually experience when sipping on rooibos.Testing the human responseProfessor Amanda Swart, the research team leader, said rooibos tea extracts and the two compounds were tested in the laboratory on adrenal cells that were stimulated to mimic a stress response similar to that which occurs in humans.They found that rooibos lowers the production of cortisol in the cells.She said that studied of the consumption of rooibos in humans and rats have shown that the beverage was able to lower the production of the stress hormone.Rooibos can fight lifestyle diseasesSwart added that cortisol is a significant part of human metabolism and plays an important role in the way humans respond to stress.“Cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal gland, helps regulate fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism,” she said.However, she emphasised that a stressful lifestyle can overproduce the steroid hormone and can lead to a number of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.Marina Joubert, the South African Rooibos Council’s science communicator, said rooibos contains antioxidants that can fight against lifestyle diseases and protect the body from oxidated stress.She said research over the past decade had proven that the herb can help prevent cancer, protect liver against disease, boost immune systems, delay ageing, relieve allergies and treat digestive disorders.Despite all its benefits, Joubert is adamant that the herb should not be seen as a substitute for medicine. “We do not want to position rooibos as a medicine but rather, with its curative properties, as part of a healthy lifestyle,” she said.For rooibos to be effective, researchers recommend that six cups of tea be drunk throughout the day.Joubert does admit that not everyone is able to drink six cups a day, and presented alternative ways of consuming it. “It works well in meat dishes, in potjiekos, as a marinade, in fruit juice and even in porridge,” she said.Council injects millions into researchThe South African Rooibos Council is an industry organisation, funded by contributions from farmers. All monies collected are then used for research, to which the council contributes R3-million (US$373 000) a year.Joubert said that though the organisation funds researchers, the council does not influence their work and their findings. Instead, scientists are encouraged to conduct studies with the assurance that they can work independently.The council has also recently funded two Agricultural Research Council projects; the first of which investigates ways of controlling pests and diseases that attack the rooibos plant by using biological control agents instead of chemicals; and the second which aims to profile the chemical composition and sensory qualities of rooibos, specifically looking at the antioxidants and flavour.It has also contributed towards an in-depth microbiological study of all the steps in rooibos production to help farmers and processors deliver a high-quality product.Joubert said that scientists from Italy and Japan have also investigated the plant’s properties because of its health benefits.About rooibosRooibos does not grow anywhere else in the world except in the remote Cederberg region of the Western Cape province.“There is a specific combination of environmental factors that aid in its growth. The soil is also different, as the plant prefers to grow in a poor and sandy soil,” said Joubert.She said that the plant is also able to capture its own nitrogen, which means it does not need lightning to produce nitrogen for growth.Rooibos contains no caffeine and is therefore perfect for infants, children, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also used in a wide-range of cosmetics, skin care and hair products.There are approximately 450 farmers and 4 500 workers that are involved in the production of rooibos.According to the council, it is the only segment of the local tea industry that is growing, making up almost 24% of the market’s sales. This translates to roughly R450-million ($56-million).Joubert said rooibos has become a popular commodity outside of South Africa with 12 000 tons exported annually. Most of the produce is shipped to Germany, where most of Europe’s tea merchants are based.History of the herbAccording to Joubert, the first evidence of people making tea with rooibos dates back to about 300 years ago. The leaves were bruised with hammers before being left to ferment in heaps and dried in the sun – a process that still exists today, albeit with more advanced tools.Joubert said rooibos’ popularity grew when the early Dutch settlers harvested it for a profit, presenting it as a cheaper alternative to the expensive black tea that was imported from Europe.In 1772, botanist Carl Thunberg was the first to document the rooibos plant and the tea brewed from it.Only in the early 20th century was the plant scientifically studied when nature lover Dr Le Frans Nortier began researching its medicinal and agricultural potential.last_img read more

The 5 Most Common PR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

first_imgMany organizations see PR as free advertising. The assumption that PR is advertising is evident with the core PR success metric being Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). It’s no wonder that more and more organizations are focused on telling their brand story through PR.US data even tells us that there are 6 PR Pros for every 1 Journalist. This statistic has been a 2x increase in 10 years all the while newsrooms are shrinking.These known metrics from the AVE makes it super important that organizations start to take PR seriously. Creating a press release and blasting it out via a news wire no longer cuts it. You need to strategize and be meticulous with your PR approach to ensure your company’s success.The discussion here points to the core PR mistakes that are made by companies regularly. I’ve also provided you with tips for improving your PR workflow.#1 Mistake: No Research or UnderstandingGetting PR for your organization can be a massive boost to business and awareness. You’ll need to focus your PR efforts where you can reap the fruits of your labor. Knowing where your focus must require a certain level of understanding and effort.Your level of understanding these issues is where things get out of shape. Smaller businesses especially make the mistake of chasing the public eye but fail at the most basic of hurdles. Where does the problem start? Researching and understanding both the journalist and the publication that you are reaching out to mark your beginning.Let’s role play. You wouldn’t reach out to a prospective buyer who you didn’t research first, would you? The same applies to get that media “buy-in,” which can be looked at in the same context as trying to arrange a sales meeting or converting someone. Let’s break these two core problems down and get some ideas going to help combat this.Not Understanding the Journalist.Journalists aren’t starving for stories; they are not waiting for the next big thing to appear in their inbox. These people have editorial calendars to maintain and accounts to research. Pitching a tech angle when a journalist covers health-care tech, for example, will not generate coverage. The added “health-care” detail ensures your latest productivity app won’t be a fit for the journalist.Imagine the stress you feel when getting a cold call that doesn’t even make sense to you. Imagine the same for a journalist, but instead of the wrong product pitch from one company, you get 10’s of pitches throughout the day that have zero to do with anything the journalist is looking for.Not Hitting the Right Publications.More on this later in the article but this is an issue that repeats itself time and time again. Hitting the right publication generally happens when a media list is purchased, and the spray and pray method is applied. Because there was a lack of research done, the outreach will be reduced and filled with gaps. Wasting your time, the journalists’ time and only adding to the negative sentiment that is felt with media relations these days is the end result of the action.Ideas to Consider.Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google are tools that you use on a daily basis. These three tools provide plenty of information to you in seconds so that you can run a gut-check without wasting anyone’s time.If you want that coverage, then allow yourself the time of day to do the research to help you better understand the journalist and the publication. If time is an issue and doing everything manually is off-putting, but you still want PR — then take a moment and spend it reviewing the PR software out there. PR software has already been designed that will help you improve in all areas of communications.#2 Mistake: Spreading No-NewsAs much as you may be proud of your business or accomplishments, it doesn’t always need a PR push. Many PR failures start with the basics, and having a story to tell is about as basic (necessary) as you can get with PR.Journalists want people to read their story. So they need something interesting that is going to drive conversation and eyeballs to their story. Is your news going to drive the conversation?Self-Promotion.When you are a small or lesser-known brand, product updates generally get shunned for the more prominent names. Why? Because bigger names equal more people, who use the product or have heard of it which has a net result of more readers.Generic and Common Angles.Generic and common angles stories are not going to drive readers or shares. If you want coverage, then you need to have achieved or accomplished something that few others have.For example, investment or funding generates news more or less every time. Why? Because people will have an opinion on the value of the company or funding. Pondering what they could achieve with the investment makes for good reading if you have garnered an angle worth reading about. A new idea or a fresh thought on an old story or issue will drive clicks and eyeballs to the story.Ideas to Consider.Writing a blog post for most small businesses is more than enough. Your blog can operate however you determine to run it. Get more readers by boosting posts on social media (again, the audience will tell you if the story is interesting or not via the number of click-throughs).Editorial calendars: create one, collect publication and journalists calendars, and align the two together. This list will give journalists a go-to source for future stories, and you know what to expect and when.#3 Mistake: No Media RelationsFocus on the word relation here. Having someone’s email address isn’t the same as having ties or relations. A relationship doesn’t appear by magic, out of nowhere; you’ll need to spend time and base the relationship on a mutually beneficial situation.The easiest way to think about media relations is to view it as strategic account management. Connections are created through building rapport, connecting with individuals, and understanding what it is they need and want for them to be successful.But there is a real lack of focus on relations when it comes to PR and organizations. Most forget about the basics and bombard journalists with all kinds of non-sense and expect instant replies and coverage.Too Many Follow-Ups.Follow-ups are an essential part of PR. People are busy, and sometimes a nudge can help to refresh their memory. That being said, there is no need to follow-up with journalists every day or wait a week and then try again. Most news is old by then and would have either been covered elsewhere or was not of interest.Keep follow-ups to about two to three times before calling it a day.Cold Calling.This is a tricky one. Many of my PR successes have come from cold calling and speaking to the journalist and building relations. That said, cold calling becomes a real issue when the caller has made no effort in understanding the publication/journalist.If you want to cold call, make sure you have done substantial research beforehand.Mass Email Blast.Mass email blasts of PR Releases such as these generally mean journalists are added to a media contacts list which is purchased online. Minor personal touches such as — %f_name% — are included, and that’s a wrap. This type of media is not good enough, and a journalist will see right through it — and be aggravated with you.  Volume does not drive results; it does the opposite in fact, which is why serious consideration needs to be taken when looking into media lists.Ideas to Consider.Start over with your approach and take time out to start to research the journalists and publications. Take the time to build relations by sending intro emails out, mention a journalists article on social media or link to it.Trying various account management ideas can provide some great tips on media relations too. Ultimately, take the time to review competitor coverage, industry coverage, and build a list of key contacts will be your best strategy moving forward.#4 Mistake: Lack of a PitchResearching your journalists and taking the time out to understand them is one part of the public relations puzzle. Next comes the pitch. The almighty pitch, as you already guessed it, is another issue for small businesses.Pitching is both an art and science. Both of these talents can be learned, but they require time, practice, and wisdom to be successful. The wisdom part comes through building and sustaining the relationship.Small business PR can at times seem like it is nothing more than a promotional sales document that has been added into the pitch and attached as a PDF. There can be too much or too little information given in a pitch, which for a journalist requires more time on fact-finding and checking.Ideas to Consider.When pitching, focus on delivering a short intro to the story, the main content with the critical information included, and a closing statement.Adding critical information that is key to the story being interesting, leave out the smaller details and link to files and documents rather than attaching to the email.Practice pitching by not pitching your business or product. Focus on pitching a piece of content you found that should be considered for inclusion in a journalists article or future pieces. Frequent conversations tend to make pitching far more effective as relations improve.#5 Mistake: Targeting Only Top MediaBig media outlets provide significant metrics that we all want to see — high traffic, high referrals, more business, increased brand awareness. It’s only right that all PR activities should be focused on top media. But, top media won’t matter if your audience isn’t there and your piece doesn’t apply to the nature of the publication.For example, a B2B organization will struggle to gain coverage from gossip newspapers. A B2B organization may be a great company and have large reader numbers. However, the customers and clients won’t pick up your information if you’re not where they get their information in the first place. You won’t see any benefit from getting coverage if your prospects are not there. Plenty of organizations are wasting resources trying to get coverage from publications which are not suitable for their intended targets.Ideas to Consider.Quality over quantity is vital here. You should only reach out to relevant publications that are suitable for your audience. If your clients and customer only happen to read three smaller publications — then you’ll need to focus all efforts on media relations.Start small with smaller blogs that are relevant to you and start building from there. If you can get coverage from multiple smaller outlets, and you have success, then pitching top media will become easier, and so will the angle that you can use. Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#Communications#PR mistakes Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Dmitry Dragilev Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of – a SaaS which has helped 5000+ startups and businesses get featured in press on an ongoing basis. He is also the founder of course teaching entrepreneurs “how to do PR right” and occasionally takes on fun client projects through his consultancy, Criminally Prolific.Dmitry has spent over a decade in the world of marketing and PR and was previously a software engineer. He has published 1,500+ articles in the last decade and currently writes for Entrepreneur, Forbes, TheNextWeb, SmallBizTrends and as well as Moz Blog, Ahrefs Blog and many others. Dmitry loves working with customers looking to independently control their PR and is so proud of the entrepreneurs he’s taught to speak to journalists and focus on relationship building.When he’s not at his standing desk working beside his business partner and wife Corey, Dmitry can be found picking heavy things up and putting them down again at Crossfit or running alongside his toddlers scooting through the park. How to Make the Most of Your Software Developer…last_img read more

Courtois accuses Deulofeu of diving

first_imgThibaut Courtois Courtois accuses Deulofeu of cheating to win penalty Jamie Smith 07:10 2/6/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(2) Thibaut Courtois Gerard Deulofeu Chelsea Watford Catherine Ivill/Getty Images Watford v Chelsea Antonio Conte Chelsea Watford Premier League The Chelsea goalkeeper accused the winger of “a clear dive” to win a penalty in the Blues 4-1 loss to Watford Thibaut Courtois accused Watford winger Gerard Deulofeu of diving to win a penalty as Chelsea were thrashed 4-1 at Vicarage Road in the Premier League.Chelsea were already down to 10 men after Tiemoue Bakayoko was shown two yellow cards by referee Mike Dean in the space of five minutes.Soon after, Deulofeu ran through on goal and tumbled over the onrushing Courtois, Dean pointed to the spot and Watford captain Troy Deeney smashed in the spot-kick to give his side the lead. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Eden Hazard levelled for Chelsea before late goals from Daryl Janmaat, Deulofeu and Roberto Peyreya wrapped up a memorable victory for the Hornets — Javi Gracia’s first in charge of the club.But Courtois was unhappy with key decisions made by Dean, suggesting Deulofeu had deceived the official when he went to ground, as well as criticising the decisions that led to Bakayoko’s dismissal.”The red card is very light, first never a yellow and the second too light, obviously the penalty is a clear dive,” Courtois told Sky Sports .”Yesterday [in Liverpool and Tottenham’s 2-2 draw] we saw when the goalkeeper comes out and is late you make yourself small but the striker puts his foot there and it’s a penalty, every time this will happen. He left his foot and dives, it’s not a penalty.”I think we all know this kind of players it happens everywhere in the world, this type of striker sees the goalkeeper coming for the ball, I make myself as small as possible with my belly on the ground and he manufactures the contact. I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s a penalty.”3 – Chelsea have lost consecutive Premier League games by a margin of 3+ goals for the first time since October 1995 (1-4 vs Man Utd and 0-3 vs Blackburn). Humbled.— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) February 5, 2018 Chelsea have now lost successive Premier League matches by a three-goal margin, piling the pressure on under-fire boss Antonio Conte, but Courtois said it is up to the players to respond to their latest setback.”I think we played a good game against Arsenal after new year although conceded in last minute,” the goalkeeper said.”It’s hard to find positive results since two losses and we have to find our form again and get better.”We have a tough month coming up and we need to pick up points, the Champions League [last-16 tie with Barcelona] is coming soon and we have to continue to work.”last_img read more

2 days agoSon lauds Tottenham togetherness for Red Star Belgrade thrashing

first_imgSon lauds Tottenham togetherness for Red Star Belgrade thrashingby Freddie Taylor2 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveSon Heung-min says Tottenham showed immense camaraderie to thrash Red Star Belgrade on Tuesday night.With their backs against the wall following three winless matches, Spurs smashed five past the Serbians in front of their own fans.Son told BT Sport: “We as a team stuck together from the start. We wanted to win. It was an amazing job and amazing performance.”The ball (for my first goal) was great and the timing perfect, then I finished well. Not important only the goal, the way we played was the most important thing.”We have got a long way to go, some big away games coming in the Champions League. But we take it step by step, think about Sunday and Liverpool and then think about the Champions League again after that.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Toronto restaurant bringing traditional foods to urban community

first_imgBeverly Andrews APTN NewsAccess to traditional foods can be challenging in the city.A restaurant in Toronto is trying to bring those foods to the urban Indigenous community.But also for non-Indigenous food [email protected]last_img

Weve Never Seen A Player Quite Like Giannis Antetokounmpo

Across the nine major component categories of advanced metrics tracked at,1i.e., categories that attempt to isolate skill in a particular area of the game, rather than more holistic measures such as PER or Win Shares. Antetokounmpo ranks among the top half of qualified2For the purposes of this story, I considered a player to have qualified for the league leaderboard for these nine stats if he has played at least 12.2 minutes per scheduled game (taking the average number of games across all NBA teams), which works out to about 1,000 minutes in a normal 82-game season. NBA players in eight of them — turnovers are the only area where he was worse than the average player through Wednesday’s games.But the Greek Freak is at his most transformative when he plays point guard. When 6-foot-5-inch James Harden — 6 inches shorter than Antetokounmpo — is already towering over opposing point guards after his move to the position this season, the idea of a 6-foot-11-inch terror in the open court, dunking on opponents in transition and making plays for teammates, is unprecedented. Since the NBA-ABA merger in 1976, Toni Kukoc (in 1998-99) was the only player 6-foot-10-inch or taller to have a higher assist rate than Antetokounmpo has right now — and Kukoc wasn’t also rebounding or recording steals and blocks at anywhere near the same rates as Antetokounmpo is.In fact, the mere sight of a guy his size, doing what he does, is startling. Against Cleveland, the side-by-side comparison between Antetokounmpo and LeBron James — heretofore the greatest combination of size, speed and athleticism in basketball — was eye opening:To visualize what an outlier Antetokounmpo is among guards, here’s a plot of Box Plus/Minus against height for players listed by Basketball-Reference as point guards or shooting guards this season: One of the best point guards in the NBA right now stands 6 feet 11 inches tall.Let that sit for moment.OK, so Giannis Antetokounmpo also plays positions other than the point for the Milwaukee Bucks, and Matthew Dellavedova has been eating some of Antetokounmpo’s minutes at the 1. And frankly, it doesn’t really matter where Giannis plays, given that he can rattle off stat lines like the 34 points, 12 rebounds, five assists, five steals and two blocks he produced Tuesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The guy is good at damn near everything there is to do on a basketball court: Antetokounmpo still needs to polish some of the finer aspects of playing guard, such as running a pick-and-roll and spotting up for jumpers. But! He’s also still days shy of his 22nd birthday. If he’s this good — and this versatile — now, watching Antetokounmpo reach his potential will be one of the NBA’s most entertaining storylines over the decade to come.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

Baseball Ohio State hoping to win first home series against Nebraska

Senior shortstop Jalen Washington singles to third on a 0-1 pitch in the bottom of the first inning against Purdue on Sunday. Credit: Edward Sutelan | Lantern reporterAs students are beginning to wrap up their final days of the spring semester, the Ohio State baseball team prepares to wrap up their homestand with their second-to-last home weekend series of the season against Nebraska.The Buckeyes haven’t had the home-field advantage at Bill Davis Stadium they had hoped for with just a 5-11 home record to show. Comparatively, OSU is 6-8 on the road and 5-5 at neutral sites.OSU coach Greg Beals said there’s not a lot to point to when examining why his team hasn’t found the same level of success that saw his team post a 23-4 record at home last season beyond the difference in on-field personnel.“There’s a lot of different players in that locker room, very different opponents that we’re playing and obviously we’d like to be playing better at home, but I don’t think there’s a pinpoint on that,” Beals said.Scouting NebraskaSitting at third in the Big Ten standings after winning last weekend’s series against Minnesota 2-1, Nebraska has emerged as one of the top teams in the conference this season, based largely on the strength of its pitching staff.Nebraska’s offense has not been the driving force for the team’s success this season, but it has proven effective. The team currently ranks seventh in the Big Ten in batting average (.270) and eighth in runs scored (215). However, hits are about all the team has been able to come up with this season. They rank last in the Big Ten in home runs (15) and second-to-last in stolen bases (31), proving to be a more one-dimensional offense.But with a pitching staff as reliable as Nebraska’s, they only need to score so many runs to win games. Their pitching staff currently ranks second in the Big Ten in ERA (3.39) and fourth in opponents’ batting average (.254). And while their 262 strikeouts rank only 10th in the Big Ten, the staff has balanced the lack of strikeouts with lack of free passes, issuing only 129 walks this season (fourth in the conference).The Cornhuskers will bring to the series one of the most dynamic players in the Big Ten and the third two-way player OSU has faced this season — in junior Jake Meyers. As the team’s leadoff hitter, Meyers leads the team in on-base percentage at .392 and is currently tied for fifth in stolen bases in the Big Ten, going a perfect 17 for 17 in stolen base attempts. On the mound, Meyers has been the team’s best starting pitcher despite pitching only on Sundays. His 2.91 ERA is the lowest on the team and he is the only pitcher on the staff with a complete game shutout. He also leads the team in innings pitched (55.2), strikeouts (35) and has issued the fewest walks of any regular starter (eight). The struggles of Nebraska’s bats this season has led Beals to do some head-scratching when trying to figure out how exactly the Cornhuskers have found as much success as they have.“The offensive side as far as their actual game plan, I still haven’t figured out exactly,” Beals said. “I’m going to do some more work on that because they don’t have a ton of sacrifice bunts, they don’t have a ton of stolen bases other than Meyers.”Beals added though that while the bats have not stood out, it is clear this team plays solid defense and pitches the ball well.“Their team ERA is like 3.36 so you don’t have a sub-3.50 ERA if you’re not playing good defense,” Beals said. “So they’re going to force us to earn things offensively, and that’s what good teams do.”Pair of freshmen embracing starting rolesOhio State freshman right fielder Dominic Canzone bats in the bottom of the seventh inning against North Carolina Greensboro. Credit: Edward Sutelan | Lantern reporterFreshmen Dominic Canzone and Conner Pohl did not enter this season as starters for OSU, but they have made their marks on the roster as of late, emerging as two of the most consistent bats in the lineup.Canzone, named Big Ten Freshman of the Week for the week of April 3 to April 10, went from one of the team’s coldest bats to start the season to a middle-of-the-order presence for the team.The Buckeyes’ starting right fielder began his collegiate career 3 for 29, but has since gone on a tear with 31 hits over his past 69 at-bats. Canzone has also stolen seven bases, launched two home runs and has posted a .449/.487/.638 slash line. Since March 12, only senior shortstop Jalen Washington (18) has more RBIs than Canzone (17). Though Canzone has been the standout freshman, second baseman Conner Pohl has quietly been producing on his own. Pohl has started five of the team’s last seven games at second, and in those past seven games, he is slashing .416/.416/.583 with 10 hits in 24 at-bats, four of those hits going for extra bases.Senior co-captain and shortstop Jalen Washington said he has been impressed by how the young hitters have stepped up for the team and how they have progressed throughout the year.“They’ve been just competing and that’s all we can ask from them as freshmen,” Washington said. “Dom(inic) for sure has been carrying us offensively a little bit and he’s stepped into that role very well. Conner Pohl is someone who’s always swung it well and — defense at times, we just need a little more consistency out of him, but we really like the way he’s been swinging the bat.”Post returns on Saturday, Niemeyer progressing for midweek startThe Buckeyes’ rotation has been hit with a slew of injuries to begin the season, but it looks like they are all starting to return back to full health.Redshirt senior starting pitcher Jake Post was hit by a line drive to the head in his last time out against Michigan State, and the injury forced him to miss last weekend’s start against UNC Greensboro. But the team’s ace will be returning to action on Saturday against Nebraska, and he said he is just ready to head out there and compete.Jake Post, redshirt senior starting pitcher, throws a pitch during the game against Campbell Camels on Mar. 4, 2017. Credit: Courtesy of OSU Athletics“I took a week off, had some concussion-like symptoms, but it’s all good,” Post said. “I’ve been good for about a week. I’m not worried, I just want to go out there and compete.”Redshirt junior starting pitcher Adam Niemeyer, however, will continue to be out this weekend. He is recovering from tendonitis in his elbow, but Beals said he is progressing towards a possible start next week against Texas Tech in one of the two midweek games.“He is going to throw live today to hitters for the first time since his injury,” Beals said. “The idea is that he’s pretty much ready to compete. We want him to face batters before we just run him out there, so he’s going to do that today with the hopes of possibly pitching next midweek.”The Buckeyes will send redshirt junior Yianni Pavlopoulos to the mound on Friday at 6:35 p.m. in the opener for their weekend series against Nebraska. read more

Cards Fall 84 to Boston College

first_imgStory Links Preview The Eagles (14-24, 4-10) countered with two runs in the home half of the first. A hit and a walk put two on for Allyson Moore’s RBI hit. A wild pitch sent Ellie Mataya home to give BC a 2-1 lead. Watch Live Full Schedule Roster Next Game: at Boston College 4/14/2019 | Noon The Cardinals (26-15, 7-7 ACC) wasted no time getting on the scoreboard when junior Celene Funke led off the game with a hit, stole second and scored on redshirt senior Sidney Melton’s RBI single. The game featured two ties and two lead changes as the Cards had eight hits to BC’s seven. Redshirt senior Sidney Melton went 2-for-3 with a double, a run and a stolen base while sophomore Kyra Snyder went 1-for-1, drawing three walks in the game. Senior Megan Hensley connected on a two-run homer as the Cards attempted to rally in the seventh inning. The Cards started to rally in seventh as Melton led off with a double to set up Megan Hensley’s two-run homer. The senior’s team-best sixth home run of the season made the score 8-4. Senior Madison Cousineau was hit by a pitch, sophomore Kyra Snyder connected on a two-out single and Butler walked to load the bases with two outs, but BC reliever Camryn Dolby delivered a strikeout to end the game. Louisville pulled even in the fourth inning when redshirt freshman Taylor Roby singled, junior Caitlin Ferguson was hit by pitch and Snyder walked to load the bases. Sophomore Maddy Newman drew a walk to plate pinch-runner Jordyn Wolfe. Matchup History NOTES: Boston College 8 – Louisville 4 The fifth inning brought two more runs for the Eagles courtesy of Carly Servini’s two-run double. Dolby (9-8) got the win after giving up two earned runs on five hits and striking out six in 3.2 innings. Lexi DiEmmanuele went 3-for-4 with a run while Boccagno and Severini each drove in a pair of runs to lead the Eagles at the plate. Live Stats Sophomore Danielle Watson (8-11) took the loss, allowing six runs, five earned, on four hits and striking out four in 3.2 innings. The University of Louisville softball team fell 8-4 to Boston College in game two of an ACC series. The teams will meet in the rubber-game Sunday at 12 p.m. Boston College capitalized on three hits, three walks and an error to put up a four-spot in the bottom of the fourth. Bianna Boccagno’s two-run homer put the Eagles on top 4-2. A bases-loaded walk and a Louisville miscue extended the lead to 6-2   Louisville leads the series with Boston College 6-4 Butler is currently on a seven-game hitting streak Hensley’s home run pushes her career tally to 31, moving her into a tie for sixth on Louisville’s all-time list. She needs one more to tie for fifth with Katie Keller (2011-14). Hensley also moved into a tie fifth on Louisville’s career RBI list – she now has 157 and is tied with former teammate Maryssa Becker (2014-17). With her run in today’s game, Melton extends her career total to 138 and is tied for sixth on Louisville’s career list. She needs two more to move into a tie for fifth with Kristin Auston (2009-12). Melton is on a four-game hitting streak and has reached safely in the last five games With her stolen base in today’s game, Melton improves her season total to 21 and moves into sole possession of fourth on Louisville’s single-season list. She now has 54 career stolen bases and stands third on Louisville’s all-time list, needing six more to tie Jennifer Esteban (2010-13) for second. Funke also recorded a stolen base in the game to move her single season total to 18 and is tied for eighth on UofL’s single-season list. One more will move her into a three-way tie for sixth. As a team, Louisville has registered a program-record 74 stolen bases on the season. The previous record was 68, set in the 2010 season.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more