Smallest working SNES in the world was hand carved

first_imgClassic consoles are fantastic, but they’re even better when they’ve been shrunken down. Earlier this year, we saw a creative chap make a tiny, 3D printed NES that was inspired by the mini NES Nintendo plans to release this fall. At the heart of this device was the ever-versatile Raspberry Pi, which many have used for the purposes of retro gaming for years. Not to be outdone by that previous small wonder, another person has taken it upon themselves to create an even smaller machine based on the SNES. This diminutive device is a true work of art.Instead of 3D printing a SNES, Hugo Doris decided to take a more hands-on approach and make it out of clay. To begin, Doris created two halves out of sheet plastic. The size of these was just big enough to fit a Raspberry Pi Zero and a USB hub. After that, he molded clay on the outside of the two halves and began to shape it all into the SNES form that we’re all familiar with. Doris notes that it is difficult to mold clay in parallel walls, so he sanded the device after the clay had hardened.After removing the plastic scaffolding, Doris added more details using a rotary tool and used a paint brush to give the tiny SNES its distinct colors. Doris then took the Raspberry Pi and wired it to the hub and epoxyed everything in place. When all of the work was completed, Doris ended up creating a system that is smaller than even an original SNES controller.This is easily one of the most impressive projects we have seen. We have to give Hugo Doris bonus points for opting to create this small masterpiece out of clay. Even though the video is somewhat on the short side, it does serve as a good tutorial on how to make one of these yourself — provided you have the tools and capability to do so. <>last_img read more

Newly SwornIn Vermont Mayor Poops in Public

first_imgStay on target Goats Can Comprehend Human Expressions, Prefer Happy PeopleVerizon deploys emergency centers in Staten Island and Monmouth County, NJ The people of Fair Haven, Vermont, this week swore in their first ever mayor.Tuesday’s ceremony, however, did not go as smoothly as expected.An uncooperative mayor-elect reportedly refused to leave her residency, protested her transportation, and bleated out to constituents on her way to the town offices.Tensions eased, though, as she entered the government building to the applause of more than a dozen onlookers.Wearing a sash that read “MAYOR,” she stamped her newfound authority by leaving her signature on a piece of paper. (And her dung on the floor.)Three-year-old Nubian goat Lincoln this week became the highest-ranking official in the quaint Vermont community.center_img Meet Lincoln! She’s the new mayor of Fair Haven, #Vermont. The new mayor’s hoof was pressed onto an ink pad & stamped on the official document, signifying the start of her yearlong mayoral duties:— MyNBC5 (WPTZ) (@MyNBC5) March 13, 2019Town Manager Joe Gunter came up the with idea, according to the Burlington Free Press, as a way to raise money for a school playground.For $5, local children could nominate an animal of their choice for the position of mayor. More than a dozen entered the running, but Lincoln, drafted by four-year-old Sullivan Clark, won the race (with a total of 13 votes).The charming event raised about $100—far less than the $70,000 Gunter wanted. Still, the town plans to hold this election every year, as a regular fundraiser and civics lesson for kids.“What I’m hoping is they took away a little sense of civic pride, you know, taking part in the community, going down to the voting places on voting day,” Gunter told local TV station WCAX. “I hope that they got excited about it, went down, and took part.”Within minutes of assuming office, the police chief was already cleaning up the new administration’s first mess, after Madam Mayor dropped a deuce on the conference room floor.“Note the crap,” local coffee shop owner Mark Gutel joked with the Free Press. “It’s just like any other meeting.”More on Can Comprehend Human Expressions, Prefer Happy PeopleFirefighting Goats Take Over the West1,700 Animal Species Will Face Extinction in 50 Years Due to Humanslast_img read more