Government for the APNU+AFC Financiers

first_imgDear Editor,Minister of State Joseph Harmon, in defending the government’s action in hiring Brian Tiwari as Advisor of Business, has let the cat out of the bag in relation to which group/class this country is being governed for.Harmon stated that he had made many appointments of persons who had helped the two parties during the 2015 elections.But Harmon is not the only one who made such a statement. Raphael Trotman, had earlier indicated that people who invested in the APNU+AFC were being given contracts. This is an open admission of paying back ‘supporters.’What does this tell us?It clearly speaks from the position that this regime is running the country in the interest/s of those who gave them cash and kind to aid their so called ‘assumption’ to office.So now that they are in government, these ‘donors’ to the APNU+AFC can now expect to be repaid many times over on what they initially invested in the two parties.Already, there is talk of billions of dollars in tax write-offs for those business persons who had problems with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) when the PPP/C was in office. Generous settlements are being made and obviously there will be great kickbacks involved.It is also being whispered that many court cases involving the government are being generously settled for huge amounts of money.Some lawyers known to the PNC/APNU/AFC are receiving generous fees as well. Billions are reportedly being lost to the government.Yes. Those persons who donated to the governing parties are now reaping bountiful harvests re: generous settlements, tax write-offs, single source contracts and other myriad methods of getting rich quick.Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had offered the opposition assistance in fighting the cases involving huge sums owed to the state. That offer has so far been ignored.Indeed, it had to be so in order for settlements to be in favour of the ‘investors’ in this government.Those persons, who in the past, spoke about corruption without real facts are now deafeningly silent.This is clearly a government for that section of the business community who contributed to their elections fund.Is this not corruption?In the meantime, working people, those who voted for them because of race and those persons who were misled, particularly about the corruption claims, are now suffering and feeling the pinch.Regards,Name and addresswithheldlast_img read more