45NRTH Introduces Fasterkatt Road Shoes, Updates Other Boots, Cobrafist Pogies

first_imgYour eyes do not deceive you. There are now two versions of the 45NRTH Fasterkatt wet and cold weather shoe. Designed for the transitional months or climates where deep winter isn’t a concern, Fasterkatts are designed to shed water in temperatures from 25-45 degrees f. The big news here is the introduction of the 3 bolt SPD-SL compatible sole, but both shoes see significant improvements over the previous Fasterkatt MTB.Thanks to better zippers, better fit, and improved materials the Fasterkatt is ready to extend your riding season regardless of the conditions. Get the full details plus info on the new Wölvhammer and Cobrafist Pogies, next… Just introduced before last winter, 45NRTH is already updating the Cobrafist Pogies to make them easier to use. The new design is narrower, which allows them to be used on bars down to 640mm. They have also increased the gusseting around the grommet area for the bar plug in an effort to keep the grommet from pulling out in a crash. The result is lighter, better fitting shoes that could be perfect for late/early season commuting, training, or cyclocross riding. Why a road specific version when you could just run SPDs on your road bike in the winter? The weight speaks for itself – at nearly double the weight, the mountain shoe’s aggressive outsole means you will be pedaling around over a pound more than the road specific sole. Both models will sell for $225.As the boot that started it all for 45NRTH’s shoes, the Wölvhammer gets a major update that also cuts down the number of SKUs for dealers.Instead of a flat pedal and a clipless version of the deep winter boot, Wölvhammer now comes in one model with a removable traction plate for SPD use. Using the same outsole as the Wölvhammer flat boot, the new SPD compatible shoe allows riders to run either clips or flats on the same boot. According to 45NRTH, the zippers on the original Fasterkatts proved to be an issue in certain situations. Going forward, the new shoes have gone to a No. 8 zipper which is bigger and more robust than the No. 5 that was used previously. They also use a new pattern for the upper gaiter which causes less stress on the zipper itself due to the shape of the curve.Fit on the boots has been improved as well with a lower cuff on the inner shoe making it more of a road shoe with a waterproof gaiter. All of the improvements are found on the road as well as the MTB version of the Fasterkatt with the addition of a new Polyurethane mudguard instead of leather.center_img In addition to small fabric changes, the Cobrafists have a wider strap that is easier to use while wearing gloves and offers better sealing around the bar. Inside, the top pocket has been removed since it was easy to accidentally put your hands into it and not be able to reach the brake, but the lower pocket is still there. Also, the drawstring has now been moved to the outside of the pogie and the waterproof zippers have been removed to make it easier to operate them in the cold.According to David at 45NRTH, the Cobrafists come out to play when it is 15 degrees f or below, or when it is cold and windy.45nrth.com Other improvements include more durable fabric that has gone from 1000 to 1680 denier Cordura, and the change from leather to PU mudguards for the same durability but quite a bit less weight.The internal construction remains the same with the exception of moving to Primaloft insulation instead of the previous Thinsulate. 45NRTH had been using Primaloft in the other products, which they feel is a superior insulation.Wölvhammer still retail for $325, and come in at around 778g per boot.last_img read more